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Tweedsmuir, Scottish BordersThe village of Tweedsmuir is approximately 38 miles south-west of Edinburgh on the A701.  It is 6 miles south of Broughton and 12 Miles north of Moffat.

John Buchan, The first Lord Tweedsmuir, was born in Perth Scotland in 1875.   He had an interesting and very varied life as a diplomat, barrister, journalist, historian, poet, novelist and was Governor General of Canada where he died in 1940.  The Tweedsmuir Provincial National Park in northern British Columbia is named after him.

The Talla railway was laid from the Caledonian Railway station in Broughton to the site of the construction of the Talla Reservoir at Tweedsmuir.  Construction commenced in 1885 and the railway was used to transport men and materials to the reservoir site.

Content and image supplied by kind permission of Mr Anthony J.B. Hope.