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Pirnmill, Isle of Arran

Views at Pirnmill, Isle of ArranPirnmill is a small village on the north west coast Arran. Unlike many of the other villages on the island, Pirnmill's history is not rooted in the Gaelic or Viking heritage of Arran. Rather Pirnmill takes its name from a mill that historically stood there until 1840, which produced pirns (wooden bobbins).

Early inhabitants of Pirnmill made a living through fishing or crofting, but later the village became a tourist destination, with many Clyde steamers stopping at the pier constructed there. This declined after the construction of a pier at Lochranza on the north of the island.

There are some good walking opportunities available around Pirnmill. The very desolate Glen Lorsa separates the Pirnmill hills from the main tops. The hills are lower than others available on the island, making them ideal for people looking for something not too strenuous.