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Lamlash, Isle of Arran

Lamlash, Isle of ArranLamlash, the second largest village on Arran, is located on the southern half of the island, some three miles to the south of Brodick and five miles to the north of Whiting Bay and sits on a bay in which the Holy Isle is located.

The settlements on Holy Isle include the Centre for World Peace and Health, founded by Lama Yeshe Losal, on the north of the island. This is an environmentally designed residential centre for courses and retreats which extends the former farm house. The approach from the ferry jetty is decorated with Tibetan flags and stupas.

There is a regular ferry service from Lamlash, and the island is popular with holiday makers staying on Arran.

Lamlash Bay served as a naval anchorage during the First World War, and relics of that time are still visible.

The sailing emphasis is obvious from any walk along the shore in Lamlash. The bay itself is home to many moored boats.