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Kildonan, Isle of Arran

Kildonan, Isle of ArranKildonan is on the south coast of Arran. The name Kildonan derives from Saint Donan who is reputedly buried in the village. Early life in the village revolved around Kildonan Castle (sometimes referred to as Kildonan Tower). Once a royal seat, the castle passed hands between various Scottish nobles, before latterly belonging to the Hamilton family in 1544, by which time they were the Earls of Arran. The Tower was later sacked and burnt by the Earl of Sussex around 1558. Ruined remains of the building still exist.

Kildonan offers a fine beach with many good stretches of sand. Offshore is the tiny island of Pladda around which you regularly have seals basking on the rocks.

Pladda is home to a lighthouse dating from the 1820's, the lighthouse was manned until it was automated in the 1980's.

Kildonan can be easily bypassed by staying on the main road but it's well worth the short diversion.