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Lockerbie Wildlife Trust

Lockerbie Wildlife Trust
12 Douglas Terrace
Dumfries and Galloway
DG11 2DZ

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Activities: Bird & Wildlife Watching Nature & Wildlife

Lockerbie Wildlife Trust manages Eskrigg Nature Reserve and runs an annual programme of talks, visits and workshops relating to wildlife and conservation for members, schools and other interested parties.

In the autumn of 1986, Jim Rae (Principal Teacher of Biology at Lockerbie Academy ) learned of an old curling pond at Eskrigg, on the outskirts of Lockerbie, from a pupil in his Natural Resources Class.   On visiting the site he was impressed by the range of habitats in such a small area - 7 acres (2.83 hectares).   One of the habitats, however, amounted to over three acres of a tall reed-grass that supported a very limited fauna. The pond had been drained and the natural succession of vegetation over many years had eliminated all open water.   Jim quickly realised that, by digging out much of the reed-grass and repairing the sluice gate, a pond could be re-established thereby increasing the biodiversity and, at the same time, creating a resource for the local community, including his Natural Resources class at the school.   He explained his ideas to Sir Rupert Buchanan-Jardine, owner of Castle Milk Estate, then applied for, and was granted in January 1987, a joint, one-year lease of the curling pond with the then shooting tenant Henry Strath.   Jim spent the following year getting advice and assistance from many experts in the field of conservation, in order to survey the area to determine future water levels, identify as many plants and animals as possible and draw up a potential management plan. 

On 8th April 2010 the Trust opened the Eskrigg Centre at the reserve.  This new centre has a viewing area and a teaching area both with wheelchair access. See the Trust website for further information.