Bramble Cottage, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 3UT, GB
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Galloway Forest Park

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    The wild beauty of Britain's largest forest park at three hundred square miles with over 400 miles of road is waiting to be explored. Experience the Galloway Forest Park with its host of features, from seashore to mountain tops and its outstanding variety of plants and animals.

    In the Park there is open access for walkers, cyclists (2 of the World famous 7 Stanes mountain bike trails lie within the Park) and horse riders on all of the forest roads. It presents an ideal opportunity to get away from road traffic and enjoy the magnificent hill scenery.

    Much of the inland part of Dumfries and Galloway is within this massive area but the Park extends west into South Ayrshire, and outlying Forests of Dalbeattie and Mabie come within sight of the main regional capital of Dumfries. The Forestry Commission is changing the woodlands into a less-industrial habitat of greater attraction to both wildlife and the discerning visitor.

    Parts of the Park are a birdwatcher's paradise; Barn Owls and Crossbills are not common elsewhere, but they, Buzzards, the occasional Golden Eagle, and most of Britain's raptors, can be found in this area.

    Galloway Dark Skies

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