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Drongan, a former mining village, is situated on the western edge of Ayrshire, some 6 miles from Ayr and 10 miles from Cumnock and has a population of 3168.

About 1760 the Drongan Estate was purchased by the Smith family - who built Drongan House, set up a pottery near Coalhall and introduced pioneering agricultural improvements.

The village of Drongan grew up near the early coal mine, the miners rows being demolished in the 1930's and the inhabitants housed in new housing schemes. In 1946 it was proposed that Drongan should be developed as a "new town" and families from various small mining communities were also re-housed there.

Like many other villages in this part of East Ayrshire, Drongan saw prosperity when the Killoch and Barony pit mines were operational.

Like many small Ayrshire villages the love of football is strong with several clubs winning different cups over the years. is committed to giving only the most up to date and relevant information about our region.

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