Bramble Cottage, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 3UT, GB
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 Awaiting image of CumnockCumnock is situated in the south west of Scotland, in the county of East Ayrshire.

Cumnock has a history which goes far back in time to the earliest beginnings of Scottish history. Foremost in Cumnock’s history is the Covenanting struggle with numerous Covenanting memorials and graves in the area.

One of the most interesting historical connections is the claim that William Wallace had a residence in nearby Glen Afton.

In more recent times, Cumnock was at the forefront of coal production with many deep cast coal mines dotted around the area. With the demise of the industry, Cumnock has along with many other Ayrshire towns attempted to re-invent themselves looking to Heritage and Genealogy interests to attract tourism. is committed to giving only the most up to date and relevant information about our region.

We are currently looking for tourist and accommodation information about Cumnock to be contributed by the community and look forward to displaying it in the near future.