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Fairlie is a small village situated on the North Ayrshire coast, approximately 3 miles south of Largs.

It is a charming village with a natural beauty, nestling between hills to the East and the Firth of Clyde to the West, looking directly towards the Cumbraes, two small islands, just off Fairlie. Fairlie also has a magnificent view of the Isle of Arran.

According to ancient records it would appear that Fairlie developed as a fishing village, as it had a good, sheltered anchorage that was fully used in the 16th century. Weaving also began to help the prosperity of the village as the demand for Paisley shawls increased.

Fairlie now, is a quiet residential place, with an ever-changing population of commuters and pensioners. It still has a Railway Station, a Church, a Hotel, a Post Office and a handful of small shops. is committed to giving only the most up to date and relevant information about our region.

We are currently looking for tourist and accommodation information about this village to be contributed by the community and look forward to displaying it in the near future.